This is Neoterra

Why we are here?

The initial idea was to develop some of the properties that we already had. This is how we started our first project. During the process we have demonstrated our potential and made the decision to compete in the market and stand out as a very exclusive company. Our goal is to contain our projects to offer a very personalized experience with our client, direct contact and immediate response. Likewise maintain control over quality and continuously search for the best performance and cutting-edge design. Of course, taking care of your budget.

Are we capable?


Our company was founded as a serious company. We are backed by a professional team in the areas of engineering, legal and accounting. Our finances are strong and the tools and equipment are our own. We offer industry standard guarantees and comply with all current construction standards and environmental friendly practices.

What we offer to you?


The most important thing we offer is trustworthiness and quality. From there the menu includes the offer of a new property already built or you can select some of our available land and together we will design your dream house. In the same way we can design and build any project in your own property. Our services include design, plans and specifications, budget and turnkey construction.